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From the CE Office

Philip Lim.jpgWelcome to ETPL.

This website is designed to provide a new look at the work we do with informative, relevant and intuitive content. We hope it will convey our commitment to increasing awareness of the role and relevance of our business.

Since our inception on 2 January 2002, ETPL has been at the forefront of science commercialisation in Singapore. As the commercialisation arm of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), we have supported A*STAR in transforming the economy by driving innovation and commercializing R&D.

In the last decade, we have provided a full suite of technology transfer services catered to the needs of our industry partners and the research community. We have grown knowledge capital, broadened our networks and reputation, come to understand and drive this unique business better and forged new competencies. All this has translated into sharper, focused, more strategic partnerships, or what we call Innovation Partnering to deliver impactful commercial value to Singapore – through licensing deals, spin-off companies and patent protection. Our outreach initiatives encourage entrepreneurship and contribute to a supportive ecosystem that will grow more enterprise activities.

Our commercialization efforts have also seen tangible outcomes. We are now managing a portfolio of more than 3,400 active patents and applications, has granted more than 800 licenses for A*STAR technologies and have created a portfolio of more than 50 start-up companies. Yet, the business of technology transfer is not only about numbers and revenue; the ETPL corporate culture is characterised by our vision to deliver solutions that address social concerns – creating new jobs, transforming industry and giving a competitive edge to Singapore business. We will continue to focus on integrative industry engagement, look to become international in our outlook and commandeer industry leadership for all technology transfer services. Whether you are a researcher with a promising invention, a keen-eyed investor, or a company looking to become more competitive, we hope you will find our website informative and a good launch pad to exploit potential opportunities. 

The next chapter of growth is an exciting time for ETPL and I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, and forward-looking nature as you browse this website.

Philip Lim