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To Collaborate

ETPL (ETPL) engages the industry in R&D to drive innovation and advance technology that may be translated to products and services to yield economic impact. We achieve this through seizing collaboration opportunities with industry in various ways.

1. Gap-Funding Projects

ETPL works with Industry & A*STAR research institutes to identify new technology areas early in the research value chain to develop application driven, multi-disciplinary projects and drive these with commercialization outcomes firmly in mind.  In the hope of precipitating these projects into their next lap of marketable commercial applications, ETPL provides gap funds to inject resources, like manpower and funds for further development and testing.
Gap funding of projects is applicable for A*STAR technologies where:

  1. Potential licensees takes up A*STAR technologies
  2. These technologies still require further research and/or development efforts for them to be commercial ready
  3. Potential licensees are willing to collaborate with ETPL and the research institutes in co-development efforts
An example of such a project is “Silicon Photonics Productization via Commercial Foundry Line Establishment” where ETPL worked with a commercial foundry to qualify and validate our research institute’s silicon photonics portfolio.
Another example is ZWEEC Analytics’ co-development with A*STAR on the Fish Activity Monitoring System(FAMS), which was presented with the Honour Award for Applied Research at the 2012 International Water Association (IWA) Asia Pacific Regional Project Innovation Awards (PIA) on 3 July 2012. PIA is a prestigious global competition which recognizes and celebrates innovation and excellence in water engineering projects around the world.
The third example is Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd and A*STAR had jointly announced the official opening of a new Biomedical Research Laboratory facility in Singapore, which supports the development of Fujitsu’s Aptamer technology by A*STAR’s Experimental Therapeutics Centre and other collaborators for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


2. Translational and Competency Centres

A*STAR  and IDA have jointly recognized Buisness Analytics as a key growth segment in the ICT industry and put forth the collaboration effort to setup the “National Business Analytics Centre”.  Its key objective is to raise the competitive edge of local solution vendors and end-user companies through translation and transfer of Business Analytics technologies.
In a similar capacity and intent, the “National RFID Centre” (NRC), a multi-agency collaboration (A*STAR, EDB, IDA and SPRING), was also setup and located at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to promote local adoption of RFID technologies for productivity improvement. The NRC also administers the MTI’s RFID Innovation Platform Grant that co-funds local organizations to conduct pilot and trial implementations of RFID technologies.

3. Joint Industry Seminars

Another form of collaboration with industry partners is our Joint Industry Seminar.  Over the years, ETPL has worked with numerous industry partners to jointly host seminars and workshops to complement the program and provide even greater value add to our participants.  An example of such a seminar is the “Solid State Lighting” seminar with Serial Microelectronics Pte Ltd and Osram Opto-Semiconductor Asia Ltd, where over 100 industry participants attended the seminar cum exhibition to learn more about upcoming technologies as well as commercial opportunities in the domain.
We also successfully organised Industry Seminars of varied contents, which were co-held with various A*STAR research institutes, namely (i) Boston’s Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, (ii) Knowledge Sharing on Best Practices in Technology Transfer and Innovation in Biotechnology, (iii) Open Microscopy and Business Models of Open Source Commercial Enterprises, (iv) Advancing Drug Discovery Through Cell-based Assays and Technologies, (v) Cellular Technologies at the New Paradigm for Innovative Discoveries, (vi) Healthcare in an Aging Society, (vii) Development of Best-in-class Monoclonal Antibodies for Discovery Diagnostics, (viii) Rapid Microbiology and Clinical Impact and so on. These Industry Seminars attempt to increase the level of direct engagement and interaction of industries with lead scientists, peers and participants. 

4. Joint Exhibitions

ETPL organizes many exhibitions throughout the year.  At the same, we also jointly exhibit with our partners where we are able to enhance the suite of offerings with our innovations or technologies.   At DEMO ASIA 2012 and A*STAR Scientific Conference held in Singapore, ETPL exhibited A*STAR technologies together with our licensees.  This proved to be an invaluable experience to our licensees and start-ups who pitched their products at the event; and for ETPL, this provided a platform to showcase the applicability of A*STAR technologies in the marketplace.

5. Joint Calls for Proposal

ETPL actively looks for opportunities to work with our partners in various activities that aim to expand our outreach and make aware to our industry partners A*STAR’s portfolio of innovations and technologies that are ready for implementation. An example of such an activity is a Joint Call for Proposal with the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF).  Using the presented A*STAR technologies to create product concepts and corresponding business proposals, selected start-ups may receive up to $250,000 in funding and be incubated under the SiTF 123JumpStart programme.
Whether it is working with agencies or industry partners, ETPL endeavors to extend our outreach through various modes of collaboration.  We welcome your enquiries and proposals on how we can establish a win-win relationship and partnership where ETPL can continue to take another step forward to deliver economic growth to Singapore through commercializing A*STAR technologies.
Email us ( tech-offer@etpl.sg ) now.